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Doug Ware

Doug Ware is the Radionuclide Geochemistry Team's lead laboratory technician. During his twelve years with the team, Doug has developed unmatched skills in designing, conduction and interpreting laboratory batch sorption/desorption and column transport experiments used to understand and quantify the migration of radioactive and non-radioactive contaminants in fractured and porous subsurface geologic formations. He has been continuously enhancing the team's capability in characterizing and studying natural and synthetic colloidal suspensions and providing technical assistance for large-scale field tracer tests conducted at the Nevada Test Site.

Doug oversees a majority of the programmatic work conducted in our laboratories for the Underground Test Area (UGTA) project, Waste Isolation Plant Project (WIPP) and Yucca Mountain Project (YMP), including the implementation of quality assurance and control procedures.

As the lead technician, Doug is the manager and point of contact for the majority of the team's laboratories (both radiologically controlled and un-controlled areas) where he oversees and maintains the team's analytical instrumentation and mechanical rock processing equipment. Doug also maintains the team's radionuclide and chemical inventory and is responsible for related regulatory compliance issues. Doug has over fourteen years of experience working in both controlled and uncontrolled laboratory environments and is therefore the team's main resource for training new-hires to laboratory safe work practices and best working techniques and has authored the majority of our laboratory technical and safety procedures.


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