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Earth System Observations - EES-14

Earth System Observations (EES-14) works broadly across the traditional fields of geology, ecology, and atmospheric sciences, with an emphasis on experimental and observational sciences, often coupled to the development and improvement of predictive modeling.

Research directions

  • Climate change and impacts to ecosystems, landscapes, and hydrology
  • Geological carbon capture, use and storage
  • Radionuclide flow and transport, and material behavior at geologic conditions
  • Waste forms and used nuclear fuel disposition

Primary Expertise

  • Atmospheric, climate, and ecosystem science
  • Geology, geochemistry, and geomaterials
  • International field instrument deployments and operations
  • Radio-geochemistry

Recent Major Projects

  • Actinide environmental chemistry
  • Advancing nuclear fuels
  • Cleaner, greener, and more efficient biofuels and hydrocarbon resources, extraction
  • Climate and atmospheric research: many global research campaigns
  • Climate change and its effects on forest systems
  • Comprehensive Nuclear Test Ban Treaty support and field exercises
  • Contamination fate and transport and environmental remediation
  • Determining and detecting signatures of underground nuclear testing, forensics
  • Multiphase subsurface fluid flow research
  • New approaches to carbon capture: utilization and storage
  • Next Generation Ecosystem Experiment: examines Arctic permafrost degradation
  • Radiologic waste disposal and repository science

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