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Welcome to the Geochemistry Project Team Homepage

The geochemistry team is comprised of scientists with diverse backgrounds related to environmental contaminant transport investigations and environmental remediation. The expertise on the team includes chemistry (geo, analytical, and radioanalytical), geology, hydrology, biology, and chemical and nuclear engineering. The team has experience working on environmental problems ranging from molecular to field scales.

Our work has included...

  • spectroscopic investigations of contaminant speciation in the environment,
  • microscopic visualization studies of colloid transport phenomena,
  • laboratory-scale contaminant and tracer transport experiments in porous media and fractured rock (including colloid-facilitated contaminant transport experiments),
  • field-scale transport experiments involving solute and colloid tracers,
  • effects of microbes on contaminant transport,
  • measurements of chemical and isotopic environmental tracers,
  • high-pressure, high-temperature investigations of geochemical carbon sequestration,
  • measurement of beryllium contamination from simulated nuclear weapons hydrotesting, and
  • treatability studies and field installation of a multi-layer permeable reactive barrier system to treat multiple contaminants.

The Radiogeochemsitry Team has a host of analytical equipment to support these investigations and the ability to work with nuclear materials.

Visualization of Colloid Deposition onto Surfaces

Vadose Zone Transport Testing at INEEL (EMSP)

Field Installation of Permeable Reactive Barrier

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